The Last Time I Saw You

I had lunch yesterday with some great friends I haven’t seen in a while. They were both doing well and looked happy. I always enjoy seeing great people being prosperous, because I feel like they deserve it that much more. As we caught up on each other’s lives and work, the topic came up about someone that we know. This person abruptly shifted their life to follow their longtime dream. Although I haven’t seen this person in quite some time, I thought about what an exciting feeling that must be. How many of us are willing to shake up our lives for the greater good of our future?

I think it’s fair to say that we have all dreamed about chasing something we’re passionate about. Maybe it’s starting a new business, going back to school or even starting a healthier lifestyle. That initial jump can be frightening. However, there are some people who just blindly go for the gusto. I admit that I am not always that person. I tend to over analyze, take a break, analyze again and then finally make a decision. The person that we all know decided to boldly make their dreams a reality.

Sometimes we lose contact with colleagues, mentors, past managers, friends and acquaintances. Are the people in your circle doing the exact same thing they were the last time you saw them? Have they made any new business ventures? Are they making progress towards bettering themselves physically, mentally or spiritually? Could they be right on the brink of trying something they have never done before? Those are the types of people I love to be around. Energy feeds off of more energy. Who is the energizer in your circle? Hopefully everyone around you is making intentional moves towards their destiny.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have something new and inspiring to share with those people you haven’t seen in a long time? Don’t wait. Scratch that burning itch to accomplish your goals. Ignite the person you are intended to be, no matter how unconventional it may seem. Chances are, you will thank yourself later for it. 

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