Keyshia Cole Preps Epic Comeback

My feelings towards Keyshia Cole have been quite indifferent lately. I thought she struck gold with her first two or three albums. Everything after that has been hit or miss for me, with the exception of a few singles. Her last album, Point of No Return, has gotten two full spins to date on my CD player since I purchased it. Keyshia Cole falls over the line of just being too real. Some things just don’t need to be shared. Her predecessor Mary J. Blige has learned to tow that line better than Barnum and Bailey.

Nonetheless, Ms. Cole has some new music for us. She recently signed to Epic records. I felt like that was a big power move for her career. She joined forces with a major label that could promote her properly. Plus, most┬árecords that LA Reid has touched have turned gold (or platinum). So, imagine my optimism when I heard her new single, “You” featuring Remy Ma and French Montana. ┬áHonestly, the song isn’t that bad. Sadly, it’s not that great either. Keyshia Cole is still performing the same song and dance. The song speaks about a man that has treated her badly. She lets him know that he picked the wrong one to play with.

Although I’m not a huge fan of Remy Ma or French Montana, their verses actually help the song. I’m still curious to see what tricks Keyshia Cole has up her sleeve for this album. “You” is decent, but it doesn’t sound strong enough for a lead single. The full version of the song has disappeared online. However, the full single is available for purchase on Itunes. What are your thoughts on “You”? Will you be purchasing Keyshia Cole’s upcoming album?

Let’s hope this new music will be worth the three year wait. Here is a look back at some of Keyshia Cole’s brighter moments. These songs are still on point.


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