Kenny Chesney and Pink Play With Fire

P!nk has been quite the pyro obsessed siren these days. Just a couple months ago, she released “Just Like Fire”, lifted from the film Alice Through The Looking Glass. The song has already brought her much success, not to mention another Billboard Top 10 pop hit; her first since 2013. As if that was not hot enough, she’s back near the fire yet again. This time she’s the supporting act with Kenny Chesney on his new single “Setting The World On Fire”, just released on Friday, July 29th. Kenny Chesney was able to get P!nk to be less funky and boisterous than she usually is on the new song. However, it’s not the first time we’ve seen a subdued P!nk before. Her duets album with Dallas Green, You+Me, was the epitome of molasses bluegrass folk and soul.

Why You Should Give The Song A Listen

The subject matter of her duet with Kenny Chesney doesn’t shy away from a racy story line. They trade verses about crossing the line as lovers and enjoying it. Though they both love the feeling, they know there may be consequences to pay. While their voices aren’t the most likely matches, they mesh as well as the first person who discovered peanut butter and jelly should be together on a sandwich.

“Setting The World On Fire” is the first single from Kenny Chesney’s upcoming 17th studio album entitled Cosmic Hallelujah (love that title btw). The song has been #1 on iTunes US Top 100 chart. If this single is any indication of how the album may sound, I’ll definitely have to check it out. Plus, do we really need an excuse to get new music from P!nk? I think it’s about time for her to release a blazing hot new album too.

What are your thoughts on “Setting The World On Fire”? Would you Bump It or Dump It?