Don’t Be Just Another Book On The Shelf

I am currently reading through my second novel, No Cream In The Middle. Although I am extremely excited to share this book with everyone, I am nervous too. July 7th is the official release date (shameless plug). However, I still have some things to check off my list. You may be wondering why I am reading through on my own book. I want to make sure that it’s something I would want to read on my own. We can apply this principal to our everyday lives as well. 

How many of us are truly ready to be placed on the shelf? Ironically, many of us look great on the outside. This is the book cover effect. Despite people saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it is often difficult to avoid. Thankfully, many of us have this part down pat. We look, dress, speak and smell the part. Our outer shell reflects none of our internal struggles. Only the strong survive. However, only those with substance will last. What would people say they flip through our pages? Is there anything that makes us worth reading? 

We live in a microwave society that places core values on the back burner. We shamefully compare ourselves to the next person on the shelf. There is a story behind every “best seller”. Some people may not be willing to pay the price paid by some for popularity. So, we think that outside demands lift us higher. However, holding others to high standards means nothing if we are looking up from the floor. Be those things that you desire out of life. Make the effort to stand out in your own special way. Decide this day that your story will be worth reading. Keep a set of compelling reasons why you are unique in your back pocket. 

Would you buy you today if you were on the shelf? Hopefully, that answer is yes. 

Also, stay tuned for a special announcement about No Cream In The Middle (the follow up to Fortune Cookie), coming soon! 

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