Jaysyd Keeps It Lit On ‘Thanks For Nothing’


“Strike while the iron is hot”. This old saying is extremely appropriate in today’s music industry. Jaysyd has a strong grasp on this concept. His last EP, HER, hasn’t even been out for a year yet. He already has new music to offer. Jaysyd’s new mixtape, Thanks For Nothing, picks up where HER left off. However, there is a marked maturity heard in his new material. “Single”, the lead track, is a great example. He confesses that he prefers the single life to avoid getting his heart broken again. He’s scarred from his previous relationship, although he has plenty of women available at his beckoning call.

Jaysyd even charters new musical directions, with the pop and reggae influenced, “Find My Self”. This song’s vibe travels in a lane that suits him well, as he takes us on a journey of self reflection. “Love Me” has a similar Caribbean influence and has tremendous popular appeal. Who doesn’t want to be loved? “Feel Good” is a mid tempo track that finds Jaysyd playing Martin and he wants to work it out with his Gina. This track sounds different from most of the album, but it was an excellent choice to include to shake things up a bit.  Nonetheless, he manages to take out time to pay tribute to his mother on the touching conversation, “Mom’s Birthday”.

Thanks For Nothing definitely has its share of lyrically memorable moments. Take a listen to “Do Me” featuring E.Z. (the sole noted feature on the mixtape). He sings, “I had a girl screen shot my messages/So now, I take my time when texting shit”. His vocals pair well with the bass thumping, mid-tempo track. Jaysd gets more personal about his past relationship on “Do Better”, one of the best songs on the mixtape. “Proud” finds him digging even deeper though, as recounts an ultimatum given to him by his ex: her or the music. Sounds like he picked the better choice. “Dope” takes a detour from the hard lessons learned and steps into the bedroom. He croons about having the love potion over a hypnotic sounding track. This will definitely be one of the fan favorites.

Jaysyd isn’t afraid to let a woman know if she’s worthy though. He’s hesitant, yet hopeful on the slow groove, “FWU”. “Beat It Up” takes a page from R. Kelly’s “Feelin’ On Yo Booty”. However, Jaysyd adds in his own metaphors and makes the song his own. “Start Over” speaks about not wanting to begin again in love, or in this case friends with benefits gone wrong. The song even opens with a voicemail from an upset woman, before he goes into his side of the story. “Wet” is a no holds barred after dark invitation that is reminiscent of the Ghost Town DJ’s 1995 smash, “My Boo”. He takes one more look back to his past on “Only Fair”. He shares the honest feelings of wanting ex to feel miserable if she’s not with him. We have all been there before.

Jaysyd ends Thanks For Nothing on a dismissive note with “Nice To Know You”. The song is primarily backed with swift piano rifts, as he nonchalantly says goodbye to a woman that played too many games. Ironically, Thanks For Nothing was released on April Fool’s Day. There is no joke that he’s serious about continuously evolving his craft and releasing quality music. Make sure you check out the mixtape, which available at all major online retailers.


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