Jay Jai Charges The Community

Jay Jai

I got a chance to check out some of Jay Jai’s work a few months ago. His unique style of music definitely caught my attention. He has a rap-sing style with hints of auto-tune mixed in.  Now, he’s back with a few new tracks. Jay Jai is definitely more socially and politically charged, compared to some of his previous music. The last few months have been quite a messy scene with race relationships and police authorities. His new track “Untitled” details his personal feelings on recent injustice headlines in the news lately. He definitely doesn’t bridle his tongue here. The production on the track is minimalistic. However, his lyrics needed to be the forefront here, not the music.

“Life’s A Lesson and A Blesson” is an uplifting song about not taking life for granted. He also details some intimate information about his family. This makes the track much more relatable. The song is back with pianos and showcases Jay Jai as a singer and a rapper well. “Open Your Mind” is my favorite track of all three songs. This song definitely requires an “open mind” to listen to. The production sounds a bit unconventional, which fits well for the song. There are also recorded voiceover clips that speak on justice and the lack thereof. The song is a wakeup call for everyone to pay attention to what’s going on around them. However, he speaks specifically for the need of unity in today’s society.

I’m not certain if Jay Jai will include these tracks on an upcoming album. Nevertheless, his music definitely will open some people’s eyes and tackle issues that need to be discussed. Check out all three tracks here on his Soundcloud page.

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