Jamba Greens ‘n Ginger Spice

Ah, ginger. Several of my previous Thirsty Thursday posts mention ginger as an ingredient. I recently acquired a taste for ginger a few months ago. The spicy flavor is delicious, not to mention the great health benefits it gives. I decided to stop by Jamba Juice over the weekend to try a new smoothie. Of course, the one with ginger caught my attention. The Greens n’Ginger smoothie is sweet, spicy and tangy all in one sip. However, some people are leery of trying ginger flavored drinks because of the strong taste. 

Have no fear. Although this drink does have a dominant ginger taste, there are some other great ingredients to balance out anyone with a beginner’s palate. The smoothie is a blend of ginger, kale, lemonade, mangoes and peaches. I have learned the hard way that kale is best when paired with sweeter fruits such as mangoes, peaches and pineapples. Even apples work pretty well to mask the bitter taste. Jamba Juice definitely has this formula right. 

A small serving has only 330 calories and a whopping 240% of the suggested daily recommended intake of Vitamin A. Plus, it’s packed with twice the amount of Vitamin C that you’ll need for a day. Of course, there is no escaping carbs with fruit based drinks. This one has 83 grams of carbs, mostly from the natural sugars. Nonetheless, we can’t totally escape carbs, so don’t even try it. As the summer heat approaches, we may need a few carbs in store to keep cool. Rest assured that this is one of the most refreshing (and delicious) drinks you’ll have all summer long. This drink is a great mix of pleasure and discipline. So, you will feel better after drinking it and your taste buds will thank you.

Bottoms up….it’s Thirsty Thursday! 

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