Introducing Ms. So Fine

I have always been a fan of music with a big brass sound. Don’t mess around and throw a deep, bass guitar line in there. There’s something about that type of music that really lifts your spirits and stirs up your soul. That’s exactly what I experienced when I first heard Raphael & The Ivory Jean’s new single, “Ms. So Fine”. The song also features lead vocals from Geno Young and Bobby Sparks. The band and the lead singers are definitely helping to further the Dallas, TX stamp on R&B music.

The music on the track alone is enough to make Bootsy Collins give a standing ovation. Not to mention the smooth, jazzy vocals from Geno Young and Bobby Sparks. This song puts me in the mind of being at a parade in the middle of Bourbon Street. “Ms. So Fine” has all of the elements of a savory, audible gumbo that leaves you wanting more. The object of affection on the song is a beautiful, mysterious woman that exudes an untouchable persona.

I am definitely excited to hear more music from Raphael & The Ivory Jean. I can only imagine how great “Ms. So Fine” sounds live as well. However, for now, I’ll be putting the single in heavy rotation. Check out the song for yourself. Would you Bump It or Dump It? Plus, take a listen to “You & Me” below.


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