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Who Pooped On Your Good Morning?

How much does it cost to say, “Good morning”? What pain does it cause to ask someone, “How is your day”? One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don’t speak. I dislike it so much that I will shame people into speaking. Yep, I said it. I do it all the time. Even […]

When Your Roses Smell Like….

Yesterday I was not in the best of moods. Yes, I admit it. Most people think I am always a happy person. This is true. However, I am human and I have my moments. Many of you may remember the OutKast song “Roses“. The chorus says, “I know you like to think your sh!t don’t […]

Opinions Change Like Underwear

Many of you have heard the old saying, “opinions are like ________ and everybody’s got one”. I’ll let you guess what the blank symbolizes if you don’t know. I talked with a friend recently about a new milestone she’s about to accomplish. Her excitement was obvious, but there was also an uneasiness in her tone. […]

Just Blame It On The Residue

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could see people’s residue before they get too close to us? You know, all of the grimy, filthy, smelly dirt caked on their skin? Sure, we can easily take a hot shower to remove sweat and dirt from our physical beings. However, there are traces of invisible traits the […]

You’re Gonna Miss Me

Isn’t it funny how we often miss what has left us? Relationships, friendships and even job positions seem to have more meaning when they are no longer active in our lives. Why does this have to be though? Why does it take losing someone or something to appreciate its full worth? A friend and I […]

Dangerous Illusions of Bliss

Last night, I watched an interview about one of my favorite artists, Alicia Keys. She talked about her new album, Here. There was one question in particular that really stood out to me. The interviewer asked, “What is your favorite song on the album?” Alicia Keys pondered for a moment before stating that “Illusion of […]

Remembering Tommy Mikal Ford

Yesterday, I heard some shocking news. Tommy Mikal Ford, aka Tommy Strawn from Martin, passed away at the age of 52. He suffered a busted anuerism in his abdomen, following a knee replacement surgery. Martin is my favorite sitcom of all time. Although Martin Lawrence was the star of the show, the rest of the cast was equally […]

Let Me Introduce You To My Ugly

Today started out as a normal day. I got a really good run in. The weather was cool, with a nice breeze. I went to the gym afterwards to change for work. That’s when it all made an abrupt turn. I started talking to one of the regulars at the gym and he mentioned the […]

The Full Service Life

Earlier this week, I met a lady who recently relocated to Dallas from Oregon. She proceeded to tell me how Dallas was so much larger than the close quarters upbringing she experienced. Her hometown has a population of 800 and the streets are often blocked with cattle. I wasn’t able to relate to her life. […]

5 Questions That Make Authors Cringe

I attended a book festival this past weekend, in Memphis, TN. The experience was awesome; plus, Memphis has some delicious food. My professional writing journey started 5 years ago. I released my first book, a collection of poems called Blurred Vision, in 2011. Blurred Vision was a self-published work, which required many hours of research on […]