If These Chairs Could Talk

Many of us work long hours every day. People sit a desk, stand or either a combination of both. No one ever stops to think about the chairs though. They hold our weight, without complaint. Of course, the chair won’t ever talk back. However, the chair often gets to witness us at our lowest points. Sitting is more comfortable for some, than getting up and making things happen. 

Here’s a poem from my new book, Stingrays, that speaks from the chair’s perspective. It’s ok to sit. Just don’t stay in one spot too long. No race in life was ever won by sitting down. So, we have to always be alert and ready to make the next best move for our lives. Also, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Stingrays HERE if you don’t already have it. Yes, it’s ok to sit while you read it. 

If These Chairs Could Talk 

Have you ever wondered

What the chair thinks?

How the chair feels?

After some of us have

Left its presence

That’s if we ever do

I imagine it would say

Something like this


These legs were never

Meant to hold you up forever

Yet you sit here day after day

Month after month

Year after year

Professing pointless resolutions

Go figure, I’m ruined


Over time I have evolved

To give you more spinal support

Improve your posture to just

Make more excuses

And cushion to make your

Complacency more comfortable

I no longer recognize myself

Or my worth until you take your seat


But there is a bright side to

All of this

I have evolved, yet

You have remained stagnant

In fact rolling backwards


Like those smiley face

Price cuts at WalMart

Into an ignorant abyss

What’s your worth now?

About a dollar and fifty six cents?


These legs have grown weary

And plead for you to one day

Some way, get off your ass

And make something of yourself

My existence is eroded

Nothing more than a mere excuse

To make your comfort zone

A lazy, nondescript throne

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