I Need A Release

“How do you find the time to write all of these books?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get about my writing. I am currently promoting my latest novel, No Cream In The Middle. Shame on you if you don’t have it already. You can get your copy HERE. Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program. When I take a look back at my some of my writing, I know exactly what I was going through when I wrote it. So, to answer the question, writing is my release. Writing is that fantasy place (or at times reality) that I can escape and just say what I feel. 

We all need a release from the daily pressures of life. Without it, we will wind ourselves up into a tense ball of anxiety.  Your release may not be writing. Yours may be outdoor activities, traveling, sports or just being silent. There are times when we have to be comfortable with silence being our release. Some people easily consume themselves with constantly staying busy. I’m the type of person who rarely gets bored. I write when I’m not working. I consult about writing when I’m not writing. Music is another one of my favorite things. Also, I am a huge movie buff. I’m saying all this to say that your own interests and passions should keep you busy enough. If not, then maybe you need to step it up a bit. However, we must learn to find the release in the silent times too. 

People often spend mindless energy watching reality TV, gossiping, holding grudges against people who have wronged them or sweating too much of the small stuff. I’m learning more and more that life creates its own problems. We don’t have to conjure up any new ones. Be a go getter. Set your goals high and aim to surpass them. Just make sure you build in some time for the release to refuel your inner being. 

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