What Happens When Love Alters Life?

Love is a feeling we all have experienced at some point in our lives. Whether it’s the love of a romantic interest, family member or friend, we have felt the ups and downs of love. However, society tends to highlight women as the weaker sex when it comes to matters of the heart. There are many more known instances of women getting their heart broken by men. This is where Miss Doggette comes in. She has come to flip the tables on men. Miss Doggette is not one dimensional though. She has learned from her mistakes and looks to God for her refuge. 

7th Sign Publishing proudly presents, Miss Doggette (Love Alters Life). This book is a poetry collection unlike anything you have ever read before. There are two dueling concepts present here; before and after being saved by God from a hurtful place. Here’s a sample of Miss Doggette (Love Alters Life) below. This excerpt is from a piece is called “Gotta Go”. Get your copy of the book today, for a limited time discounted price, HERE

Maybe it’s not a natural thing for a woman to hit it and leave. Me, on the other hand, I think it’s pretty damn cool to get what you want and leave. It was done to me numerous of times. It looked like the best way to be.

After hours of having sex (in his mind, making love), he wipes me off and coved me up; gets back into bed, slowly moving up behind me like we’ve been together for years. He whispers, “Babe, you can stay if you want to.” I kept silent, trying to feel comfortable.

I was facing the clock on the nightstand: 1 minute…, 2…, 3…, 4…, 5…, 6 seconds. I took his arm off me and threw the covers back and said: “I’m sorry but I gotta go.” He started sitting up as I got out of bed; he looked like he was going to walk me to the door.



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