You Gotta Let It Stew A Bit

A really good soup has to simmer a while. You can have all the right ingredients, but the soup is not made in 20 minutes. The flavors need ample time to marinate. This may take a couple of hours, half a day and in some cases even overnight. So, why am I making you hungry right now? This post actually has little to do with food, but more so the process of “stewing”. How many of you feel like you’re in a stewing season of your life? I know, don’t all raise your hands at once. 

I tend to operate off of vibes and gut feelings. One of the most frustrating things is not being free to operate on what you know you need to change. Many roadblocks including, finances, obligations, relationships and my personal favorite, ourselves, can hold us back from our desires. Sometimes we have to sit it out. That’s it. Sigh. One of my friends reminded me the other day that, “God always comes through for your in the 9th hour.”  Well, who wants to wait until then?! How about the 1st or the 2nd? Ok, I’ll take the 5th. I hated to admit it, but he had a good point. 

Maybe you feel like it’s 8:59 right now. Keep holding on. That change you’ve been praying for is coming. Just make sure you’re ready (flavorful enough) to receive what you’ve been asking for. There is nothing worse than finally getting what you want and realizing it’s really not your cup of tea. Maybe you’re just about to get out of the pot. But, what if you have stay for a while? Get a little messy and “stew” with all of the other ingredients in the soup? Only you have the power to determine what kind of lasting impression you make to the finished pot of soup. 

Make the best of your “stew” time, however long or short it may be. 

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