Goapele: The Secretive Dreamseeker

Goapele caught my attention back in 2001 with her hit single, “Closer”. I heard one of my friends playing the song and had to know who this mystery woman was. I have been a fan of her music ever since. Although 2014’s Strong As Glass sounded a bit more contrived than 2011’s Break Of Dawn, it still gets rotation on my iPod. Now, she’s back with a new EP, Dreamseeker. This project also marks her celebration as an independent artist. The 10 track set is Goapele at her finest and most confident.

She cleverly borrows from Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody?” on the seductive slow jam, “$ecret”. After just one listen, it’s easy to see this is one of Dreamseeker’s stand out tracks. Goapele taunts us to uncover her sexy secret. “As Bright As The Sun” is a lullaby of an interlude that smoothly ushers in “Power”. The latter song is an inspirational jungle party anthem. The song serves as an ode to loyalty and living in true freedom. Goapele shines brightest when she’s toying and teasing. “Take It Over” is a pop influenced plea for her lover to take the lead and prove he wants her. She sings, “Why fight it when it’s plain to see/Take me over.”

BJ The Chicago Kid lends his buttery vocals on “Stay”, the EP’s only song with a feature. “Stay” is a warm invitation for a lover to simply stay around a little while longer. This is definitely one of the most memorable tracks and will surely be a fan favorite. However, “Full Circle” (a short interlude) is one of the most introspective and honest tracks. Goapele openly asks herself what she wants out of life and love. “Stand” is more serious, with a mandatory charge for her listeners to stand up for themselves and their beliefs.

Goapele closes out Dreamseeker with the slinky, bluesy “Cool Breeze”. By the time the song ends, there’s a wind that trails off into the atmosphere. There’s a yearning for more. Goapele has poured out her soul and quietly slipped out of the back door. She’s more free, focused and intentional than ever. ¬†Void of any skip worthy tracks, I’ll be hearing this one in my dreams for quite some time.



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