Ginger’s Taste Of Sweet Passion

My wife and I went to Genghis Grill a couple of weeks ago. I have always enjoyed their food. However, that day everything really tasted good to me. I may have just been more hungry than usual too. Who knows? I tried their Passion Ginger Limeade, instead of ordering water as I usually do. I added a $2 shot of vodka to give it an extra zing. Ginger is definitely an acquired taste (especially for those who don’t like spicy foods); but this drink is amazing. I know what you’re thinking. What makes the drink taste so great? I’m so glad you asked.

Genghis Grill’s Passion Ginger Limeade consists of passion fruit puree, mint, ginger beer and limeade. The end result is a sweet, refreshing, spicy and slightly tart container of goodness. The only costs $3.20, without the added shot and is well worth every penny. Plus, it served as a great pallet cleanser for the food. Ginger is also a natural anti inflammatory, among other wonderful properties. I’m not sure if the drink will just be a summer offering, but I hope Genghis Grill makes it permanent on their menu. Ginger is becoming a bit of a popular element in food and drinks lately. Many restaurants have slowly incorporated ginger into their menu items lately.

Be sure to try this drink the next time you’re at Genghis Grill. I have tried several new drinks lately. However, this one is one of my favorites for the summer (and period). Bottoms up. It’s Thirsty Thursday!

Feel free to share some of your favorite drinks too! Also, share any ideas or drinks you would like for me to try for future Thirsty Thursday posts. Stay tuned as I’ll be adding food pairings soon to go along with certain drinks as well.

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