The Gingerbread Revelry



Texas has finally cooled down over the last couple of days. Some of you may remember me posting a picture of my new Imbue Tea portable brewer on Instagram. I purchased it through Kickstarter and I’ve been using it heavily since then. Bagged tea can be really good, but loose leaf tea tastes the best. I haven’t made it home much in the past though, because it can be messy. The Imbue Tea infusing vessel has made that process much easier now. I tried my first set of loose leaf from Teavana last week. The particular flavors that came in the set (Cheer + Revelry) were a mixture of different dessert tea blends. The flavors included in the Cheer + Revelry set are White Chocolate Peppermint, Cococaramel Sea Salt, Chocolate Chai and Gingerbread.

I decided to try one flavor at a time, starting with Gingerbread. The tea is a black tea mixture with cinnamon, ginger, cocoa kernels, vanilla, chocolate flakes and a few other ingredients. Basically, this tea tastes and smells amazing. Although it’s labeled as a dessert tea, the ginger and cinnamon give it a spice that can pair with any moment of the day. This is the perfect winter drink or any time drink (as long as you’re in the AC).

Stay tuned for reviews on the rest of the flavors as I try them out this winter. For those of you wondering how the Imbue Tea Infuser works, all you do is pour hot water into the glass container. You will only want to fill it up slight past the green fabric. Then put the loose leaf tea in the metal strainer (only filling it halfway). Screw on the top and flip it upside down. The tea should steep for about 3 minutes, before flipping over again. Then, it’s ready to drink!

Bottoms up. It’s Thirsty Thursday!

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