Get Into Grown Folks Business


I’m sure many of you remember the familiar phrase when you were children. “Stay out of grown folks’ business”.  Sometimes as a kid, it was easy to feel like the adults just wouldn’t let us be great. However, there are many grown folks today who need to hear this. We could just switch up the verbiage a bit to say, “Get into grown folks’ business”.  This isn’t a rewind back to our childhood days. Nonetheless, there are too many grown people walking around worrying about each other. Don’t get me wrong, I care deeply about the people who I love; but there are other things I could care less about.

Successful people come from all walks of life, races and backgrounds. There is one thing that most of them have in common though. They are not concerned with trivial matters about others. Why? Well, they are too busy being successful to care. They don’t care who’s sleeping with who or who is talking behind their backs. When you are moving forward in life, there are certain backwards actions that shouldn’t be happening. The last time I checked, there is always room for growth, which means there shouldn’t be any room for child’s play.

Age really is just a number these days. Being over 21 means nothing more than legally being able to drink. Here is a quick tip that will help all of the grown folks. The more we strive for success, the less time we should have to tear other people down, gossip and take minor situations completely out of context. Stay on your grind; but don’t allow yourself to get mixed in the grind of meaningless matters.

2 comments on “Get Into Grown Folks Business

  1. Debra H. Swisher

    l absolutely agree!! How does the saying go… ” Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events, while great minds discuss ideas”!

    A great mind may be occasionally engaged in a conversation regarding other people, but, those beings that are ‘insignificant’ to your progression and upliftment in life, will not be the focal point of an inventive, upwardly-mobile mind; without regard to whether or not this person is a celebrity, relative or friend / associate! In order to ‘do your own thing” and be good at it, there is simply no room or time for “insignificant beings” and their ‘insignificant’ matters!

    I love this one! I hope everyone reads it! We could all use an eye-opener every once in a while!!!


    1. 7th Sign

      Yes, I love that saying!! That is so true!

      That’s a great point that other people may be a topic of conversation at times, but not a focal point!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading it!!


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