The Full Service Life


Earlier this week, I met a lady who recently relocated to Dallas from Oregon. She proceeded to tell me how Dallas was so much larger than the close quarters upbringing she experienced. Her hometown has a population of 800 and the streets are often blocked with cattle. I wasn’t able to relate to her life. We both agreed that the differences between the two cities were in some ways comical. However, she said one thing that really¬†stood out. Oregon only has full service gas stations.

The lady went on to speak about the dirty looks. Apparently, gas station attendants in Oregon get very upset when people try to pump their own gas. In fact, people can receive fines in some parts of Oregon for trying to pump their own gas. What if we transferred the full service attitude to our own lives? Most people care solely about themselves. There are very few individuals who go out of their way to please others. What if we paid closer attention to the words we spoke, as not to offend others? What if we sincerely gave from our time and talents to those less fortunate than us? Wouldn’t we all reap the benefits of a continuous cycle of giving?

As we move through life, let’s remember that we are not here to serve ourselves. It’s easy to look out for only us and ignore the troubles of those around us. However, one day, we may be that person in need. We may need a full service type of gesture just to make it through the night. We can’t save the world. Nonetheless, there are numerous ways we can lend a helping hand to improve someone’s day? When was the last time you gave a “full service” gesture? Let’s all keep in mind that we all get low on fuel. Be mindful of how you treat others. The very person you mistreat today may be the one you need to fill you up tomorrow.

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