Everywhere You Should Be (In The ‘Moments’)

The London alternative rock band, Everywhere, has been on the move in just a few short years. The group recent released their critically acclaimed EP, Fiction Act. Now, they are back with a brand new single, “Moments”. The group was inspired after hearing Swedish singer Kev’s original version of the song. However, their version peppers in a more celebratory and triumphant feel. You can’t help but be in a good mood while listening to this song. The production offers some amazing sounding multicultural elements. 

“Moments” urges the listener to be carefree and live in the time that counts the most, right now. Max Berga’s vocals have a bit of a melancholy tinge, which ads great character to the track. A happy go lucky voice would have honestly spoiled the track. Max’s unique vocals make the song instantly memorable and enjoyable. If you feel like there’s a blast from the past here, you’re not alone. The vibe of the production has an 80s feel. Nevertheless, the group still manages to execute a sound that sits comfortably next to the music of today. Make no mistake though. “Moments” is just one testament of a group that doesn’t fit into a mold. Instead, Everywhere continuously creates new molds with their infectious brand of music. 

So, take a listen to “Moments” for yourself. You can stream the song on Spotify today. What are you thoughts on the single?

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