En Vogue: Reunited, Divided & Conquered

En Vogue

Cindy. Terry. Maxine. Dawn. The ladies of En Vogue made their immensely successful debut into the music industry in 1990. Before there was SWV, Destiny’s Child, Xscape or Fifth Harmony, there were the funky divas. The group was effortlessly sexy and are arguably the best sounding female group in the last 30 years – case closed. Each of the ladies could easily carry lead vocals, despite Dawn Robinson being the lead singer. Like many female acts, En Vogue just couldn’t seem to stick together. They tried reuniting several times with all four original members, but it never seemed to work.

The group has presented various versions of En Vogue over the years. Dawn and Maxine performed under the moniker Heirs to the Throne as a duo. Maxine was a member of En Vogue to the Max, a group she founded on her own. Then, there was EV3 (consisting of Maxine, Terry and Cindy). Now there is yet another lineup of En Vogue, which includes Cindy (whose birthday was yesterday, September 26th), Terry and new member, Rhona Bennett. The latest lineup of En Vogue still tours to this day. I don’t know about you, but I would only be interested in seeing the original members in concert.

Nonetheless, the new “En Vogue” has partnered with TLC for a couple of shows this week. TLC is the best female group to ever do it in my opinion. However, seeing them with the only En Vogue we can get seemed like a good idea. However, the ladies were a no show at the first date in New York City on the 25th. The group sited that flight issues beyond their control prevented them from making the show. They did manage to party with Dave Chapelle at the NMAAHC after party on the 24th though. I just don’t understand how you fly to a show the day of the show. But what do I know? Maybe they had another show the night before. Cindy, Terry and Rhona did manage to make the New Jersey show last night though.

Here’s a look back at the original En Vogue and a recent performance of the new lineup singing their last big hit, “Don’t Let Go”. Maybe one day we’ll actually get a new album from all four original members.

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