En Vogue: Are The Funky Divas Still ‘Good’?

Dawn, Cindy, Terry, and Maxine ruled the Billboard charts in the early 90s. The Funky Divas picked up where the Supremes left off. They took the doors off the hinges for groups like Destiny’s Child to follow years later. No other female group sings as well as they do. Don’t agree? Name one female group where each member can sing with the equal level of skill. Yep, I’ll wait. However, we all know the story of their complicated fate. Lead singer Dawn left the group in the late 90s. Her and original member, Maxine, formed their own version of En Vogue (which later disbanded). 

Now the group has returned. Well, Cindy, Terry and Rhona have. Rhona is a newer member that was added after Maxine and Dawn’s departure. The trio has released their latest single, “I’m Good”. The new music popped up out of nowhere. The fact that the song sounds great is not surprising. Whether together or apart, the group knows how to deliver compelling music. The surprise is that the group even recorded any new music. 

The group kept their main formula, with a slick R&B sound. Raphael Saadiq produced the record. He used to be in the group Lucy Pearl with Dawn (from En Vogue) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (from A Tribe Called Quest). Their sound is classic and they should at least be commended for not trying to chase current day trends. “I’m Good” will be featured on their upcoming album, Electric Cafe. Unfortunately, that release will not feature all the original members. Nevertheless, this is a nice welcome back from En Vogue. Now if we could just get all 4 original members to reunite. 

Check out the song for yourself below and reminisce on some of the group’s highlights. What are your thoughts on “I’m Good”? Would you Bump It or Dump It?

4 comments on “En Vogue: Are The Funky Divas Still ‘Good’?

  1. Vanessa

    En Vogue never had one lead singer. For crying out loud, you’ve posted a video that Dawn doesn’t even share leads on. The fact of the matter is, Dawn sang lead on only one (1) En Vogue song that was released as a single. All other songs (including Dobt Let Go) were lead by other members or she *shared* leads with other members. Second, her name is Rhona not Rhonda. Besides all that nonsense, this was a nice read.


    1. 7th Sign

      True she may have shared leads, but you gotta give her credit that most people think of her as the lead. Dawn was also one of the standout members of the group. Sadly, when she left so did their mainstream success too. Yes, it is Rhona. You’re right. Every time I see her name I automatically think Rhonda. Thanks for checking out the review.


      1. Kendal Hassan

        You have to forgive Vanessa . Shes doesn’t exactly know what she’s talking about. I would not call Dawn the lead singer , even just to annoy some so called fans who get the panties in a bunch over petty stuff like that. They all sang lead but dawn was definitely the standout member. As you said the mainstream success came to a slow burn once she left but of course the fans En Vogue have left will do anything to make that point null and make them seem like they are so relevant. Call me when they get a bonafide hit song or even a good song as the current trio. It wont happen. This review of the song ” I’m good” gives the song credit but of course you see the only thing that some ‘fans’ will call out is that you said ” Dawn was the lead Singer”. Always petty.


        1. 7th Sign

          Lol, too funny. Yes, I even think I’ve heard of her refer to herself as the lead singer. Perhaps that was just her recognizing her standout power though.
          I just wish they would put whatever differences aside to create an album with all 4 original members. The fans would go crazy over that and I imagine they would make some good money from it. Thanks for checking out the review!


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