Daley: The Undeniable Soul Spectrum

I’ve been waiting for Daley’s return to the studio since 2014’s stellar debut, Days & Nights. Some people prefer the more mainstream soul styling of Sam Smith. However, Daley was the one who made a cover of Maxwell’s classic “Pretty Wings” that’s nearly better than the original. Needless to say, he had some big shoes to fill on his sophomore studio set. Now, he’s back with his new release, simply titled The Spectrum. The colorful album proves that his three year gap in between albums was well worth the wait. 

The album’s first single, “Until The Pain Is Gone”, is a heavenly slice of vintage soul pie. Daley could have carried the song by himself. Nevertheless, Jill Scott is like that extra spoonful of butter. She just makes everything smoother and better tasting. He’s unapologetic on the bipolar ballad, “Selfish”. He admits he wants to be in love, but is not ready for its commitment. The oft put drum patterns of the uptempo “Slow Burn” provides a backdrop to a melancholy love story. He’s willing to keep up the games in love if his woman decides to act that way. 

“Sympathy” is one of the most unexpected tracks on The Spectrum. The groove seems more suitable for Raphael Saadiq or Warren G, but Daley pulls it off without missing a beat. Sympathy never sounded so vibrant. “The Only One” is an essential acoustic offering that finds Daley telling his lover not to be so one sided. This is vocally one of the best songs on the album. The tropical tinged “On Fire” is confident and complimentary. This song easily stands out as one of the more radio friendly tracks. 

The appropriately titled “Second To None” rips a page from classic Prince in his hey day. Expect this one to be a wedding favorite this year. Everything about this song is well…..second to none. The touching tribute song, “The Fabric” is perhaps the most lyrically dense song on the album. Whether uptempo (check out the infectious “Careless”) or slow groove, Daley can handle it all. It’s great to see him back in the swing of music. He’s back and better than before; a feat that seemed nearly impossible. 

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