Daley & Jill Scott Take The Pain Away


Daley is like that secret weapon that comes out of nowhere to create mass destruction. Although it’s only been 6 years since his debut EP, his voice has the maturity of a seasoned veteran. His debut album, Days + Nights, still gets heavy rotation on my iPod. He previewed his current single “Until The Pain Is Gone” last year. Daley just recently released the full version of the song. His voice alone is enough to melt the tweeter in your speakers. However, he adds beautiful insult to audible injury by adding the likes of vocal powerhouse Jill Scott. Daley says he kept hearing Jill Scott’s voice while he was writing the song. Let’s just say we should be thankful he did.

Daley claims the song is a personal story that details a stagnant relationship. “Until The Pain Is Gone” sounds like refreshing vintage soul. The song is lifted as the first single from his upcoming EP. Jill Scott’s voice is a perfect marriage with Daley’s. In fact, there are times they sound just alike on the song. I’m eagerly anticipating this new collection of songs from the soulful crooner. There is no word yet on the title or release date of his EP though. Until then, you can catch Daley on tour now with Leela James.

What are your thoughts on “Until The Pain Is Gone?” In my humble opinion, he pretty much slaughters any other male R&B slow jam out right now.

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