The Coloring Book of Champions

I always enjoy the release of the Grammy nominees list each year. Of course, industry staples like Beyonce, Adele, Kirk Franklin and Rihanna made the cut. Those artists are expected to be on the list. However, one artist’s inclusion on the list pleasantly surprised me, Chance The Rapper. Don’t get me wrong. His CD, Coloring Book, gets heavy rotation on my Tidal playlist. I’m more surprised that the Grammys are giving him the credit he deserves. Chance The Rapper does not have a record deal. He’s also the first artist with an album solely available via streaming, to be nominated for a Grammy. That is some kind of chance at grabbing your dreams. 

This post is not necessarily about music though. Today is about you. Imagine what would have happened if Chance The Rapper had given up on his music. Now, put yourself in that equation. What happens if you decide to give up on your art, music, culinary skills or leadership goals in corporate America? We all have something that someone told us is impossible. However, maybe it’s far past time we begin to shut out the negativity and put in the work to make our dreams reality. 

Your passion will carry you through your pain. I always find it amazing how much more tolerance people can build up when their heart is in it. We are less tired and anxious when we operate in our gifts. We are more likely to succeed if for nothing else, for the sheer sweat we’re willing to give for what we love. Every champion has a back story and so do you. Step up to the plate and do what it takes to see the finish line. Speaking of finish lines, here’s a little motivation for your day. Chance The Rapper’s “Finish Line/Drown” is one of my favorite songs from his Coloring Book album. Hear it for yourself below. Oh and he’s not nominated for just 1 Grammy, but 7. Take a chance on yourself. You never know what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. 


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