Chris Brown Keeps The ‘Party’ Going

Chris Brown stays in the headlines. Either he’s making hits or involved in controversy. He’s also a master of being involved in both simultaneously. However, he seems poised and ready to focus on the music again. This weekend, he returned with his first official single since “Grass Ain’t Greener” (in May). His new single, “Party”, features Usher and Gucci Mane. The track has the trendy trap soul sound. The song’s lyrics are simple, elementary even. Chris Brown and his posse boast about how they keep the party going. Don’t get me wrong. The song will surely get bodies moving in the club. Chris Brown just doesn’t reach any new songwriting heights here. Ironically, “Party” grows on me each time I hear it.

A light hearted song was probably a good move for him though. Chris Brown has a clean slate (well, of sorts) to solely focus on his craft. He is finishing up his soon to be released new album, Heartbreak On A Full Moon. The new album’s title sounds promising. Let’s just hope it won’t be the major let down that was his last album, Royalty. Although I did thoroughly enjoy X, his album before Royalty. Nonetheless, Chris Brown has a pretty solid catalog.

Hopefully his new album will find him back on his A game again. His career started off with more of an innovative upswing. As of late, his style has drifted towards current sounds instead of breaking the mold. He still has managed to lead the pack of mainstream R&B/Pop male acts. Clearly, he must be doing something right. Time will tell if Heartbreak On A Full Moon will be the defining album of his career.

Check out “Party” for yourself below. What are your thoughts on the song? Would you Bump It or Dump It?

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