Cherish: ‘One Time’ With Two Less Members

Cherish was riding high on the music scene in 2006. Their single “Do It To It” was blasting out of every car stereo that summer. They followed with the hits “Unappreciated”, “Chevy”, and “Amnesia”. They seemed poised to beat the sophomore jinx so many first time artists suffer from. Then all of a sudden….poof! The group released two more studio albums, their last in 2011. Then, they disappeared for years. Cherish has now resurfaced with new music. However, you may not recognize them. The group originally consisted of sisters Farrah, Felisha, Fallon and Neosha. Oh, but something looks different this time around. Two group members are missing.

Fallon and Felisha have decided to trudge forward as a duo, without Farrah and Neosha. There is no definite information on what caused the group’s split. We can likely predict there was some sort of infighting happening though. Cheirsh’s new single is a mellow slow jam called “One Time”. Their sound surprisingly remains similar to their early days. Their harmonies still sound intact. Ah, but there’s one dilemma here. The music industry has changed greatly even since their absence. “One Time” doesn’t have the umph to get fans attention much longer than its title suggests. Although they did have a few slower tempo driven hits, they were known for club songs.

There’s one more thing though. The song’s lyrical content. Groups like SWV made chart topping hits talking about stealing someone else’s man (revisit “I’m So Into You” and “You’re The One“). Cherish has┬ámissed the mark here though. Something tells me that requesting one time to be in bed with someone else’s guy isn’t the best comeback single. Eh, maybe it’s just me though. Check the song out for yourself below. Are you excited about Cherish’s partial reunion? Would you play this one more than just “one time”? Plus, reminisce on┬ásome of their signature hits.

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