Candy West: ‘Live’ Like Never Before

Candy West 2

The last time I talked to Candy West she was preparing for the release of her new album, Candy West Live. “Turnaround”, the album’s first single, had just been released. Candy chose a great song to kick off her project. “Turnaround” is a high energy, mid-tempo track that speaks about reinforcing your faith in dark times. There is a time and place for everything. Consequently, many fans believe that Candy West’s time to shine is long overdue.  “Great And Mighty Is He,” is a great illustration of this sentiment. She had to include this song on the album, since it has earned her the moniker of the “Tina Turner of gospel”.

Candy West’s first live project (and first solo album) is carefully crafted, yet avoids sounding contrived. There is no doubt that Candy West can sing. Sadly, many artists fall into a pitfall of over singing. Candy West thankfully keeps vocal control and clarity throughout the entire CD. Candy West Live actually has more up-tempo songs than I expected, but she pulls it off well. “Victory”, a bold, spiritual declaration, is a great example of her versatility.

The most soulful track on the album is “Safe In His Arms”. Furthermore, the song has already stirred up quite a buzz with fans already, considering the album was just released on August 12th. “Overflow” is one of the most moving and heartfelt tracks. The song pleads for more of God’s presence, with a gentle but powerful melody. “Small Seed” is one of the most beautiful tracks on the album. Candy West speaks of the various kinds of seeds we sow in life. The song clocks in at over 10 minutes in length.  However, it’s hands down the most moving song on Candy West Live.

Candy West’s time may have been a long time coming, but she proves it was well worth the wait. “Praise Is My Weapon” is perhaps the song that best showcases her vocal maturity. Candy’s mastery of her voice could not have been birthed overnight. Her talents and gifts are seasoned, but have a familiar sense about them. Now she gets to showcase them on her own terms. Hopefully this is the first of many solo albums from a beautiful voice in music.

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