Big Boi Rules The Boomiverse

OutKast (Antwan “Big Boi” Patton and Andre “Andre 3000” Benjamin) reunited at Coachella 2014. Many of today’s current generation remembers “Ms. Jackson”, “B.O.B.” and “The Way You Move”. Although those are some of the duo’s biggest hits, they have been around for over 20 years now. Their last studio album was the commercial juggernaut (and Grammy Album of the Year), Speakerboxxx/The Love Below,  was released in 2003. Let’s give them credit for the Idlewild soundtrack, released in 2006. However, that was still over 10 years ago. 

Big Boi has always been the worker of the pair. Andre 3000 has distanced himself from music in recent years, sparingly appearing as a guest artist on various songs. Hip Hop is still feeling the void that OutKast so cleverly filled in their hey day. They didn’t disappear because they flopped. In fact, they were as popular as ever the last time we heard from them. Now, Big Boi is back, with a brand new single called “Mic Jack”. He enlisted some help from Maroon 5 front man, Adam Levine. 

I must admit that I was leery about a Big Boi, Adam Levine collaboration. I am a big fan of both artists in their own right. However, I just wasnt sure how this would turn out. The song is the lead single from Big Boi’s forthcoming solo album, Boomiverse. Big Boi has come back to remind us of his stature in Pop music, let alone Hip Hop. His delivery is as bold and confident as ever. The song feels like the summer of 2003 all over again. Plus, Adam Levine’s edgy vocals on the hook are a perfect fit. Although the track has a definite mainstream sound, I’m curious to hear the direction of Boomiverse in its entirety. 

LA Reid divulged in his memoir, Talk To Me, that Speakerboxxx was just supposed to be Big Boi’s solo album (without Andre 3000). Miraculously, Andre 3000 called two weeks before its due date to add in his piece. I’m secretly hoping the same thing happens again this time. Either way, it’s exciting to hear music from at least one of the members of arguably Hip Hop’s greatest duo. 

Check out “Mic Jack” below. Plus,  hear “Kill Jill”, another new Big Boi track with Jeezy and Killer Mike.

What are your thoughts on Big Boi’s new music? Would you Bump It or Dump It?

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