Back To Make Some Organized Noize

Organized Noize is responsible for some of the biggest hits of the 90s including TLC’s “Waterfalls”, En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go” and much of OutKast’s early catalog. The accomplished production group consists of Rico Wade, Sleepy Brown and Ray Murray. The men of Organized Noize always find a way to make it back to the music. Now, they are back to with their new self title EP, Organized Noize.¬†There are guest features sprinkled throughout the project, including the Dungeon Family staples Big Boi, Joi and Cee-Lo Green. However, Andre 3000 is nowhere to be heard on the project. Nevertheless, the group puts forth a solid effort. Organized Noize always stood in a class of their on. The 7 song self titled EP proves they are still original.

“Anybody Out There” starts off as a reminder to who they are. They boast about the incredible 20 year plus run, while Scar and Joi provide a sultry R&B infused groove. This is the kind of song that is made to get the crowd hyped before a live show. “We The Ones”, featuring Sleepy Brown, Big Boi, Cee-Lo Green and Big Rube is a social call to action. The song urges people to stand up so their “children will never lose”. The track is a poignant wake up call, while avoiding to come across offensively. They just want us to stand up against any type of injustice. “Chemtrails” is a jazzy, upbeat offering that warns us to run for cover from “Chem”.

“Why Can’t We” picks up where “We The Ones” leaves off. The song begs to know why we can’t all peacefully¬†coexist together. The song isn’t necessarily single potential, but a worthy addition to the EP. “Kush” is the sexy song from the EP, primarily due to Joi’s bedroom growl plastered all over the track. Actually, this is the most catchy song on the project. Rapper 2 Chainz (a non Dungeon Family member) is featured here as well. The song is so enticing, it may make some want to have their hands out waiting. “Awesome Lovin'”, a solo track from Sleepy Brown, continues the love train. I have always been a big fan of his voice. The instant vintage sound of the track pairs extremely well with his vocals here.

Organized Noize closes out the EP with the outer space, hypnotic boogie that is “The Art Of Organized Noize”. The song is primarily void of any vocals and the message here is clearly to just ingest the production. Organized Noize is truly underrated. When you think southern Hip Hop, their just credit has to be due. They put the Atlanta sound on the map in the 90s, with a fresh new sound spread like wildfire. Their music is always funky, fresh, soulful and intentional. Who knew noise could sound so beautiful?

Check out “Kush” from their new EP, below. What are your thoughts on the song? Would you Bump It or Dump It?

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