3 Things You Should Continue After Your Daniel Fast

Last year was my first time doing the Daniel Fast. My wife and I did it with our church and it was brutal for me. The 21 day plan basically excludes all meat, dairy/eggs, sugar (even honey and agave) an caffeine. Eeesh!! I know. Vegetables, fruit, legumes, beans and potatoes are all fair game though. As I enter the last week of the fast, I thought I’d share a few helpful tips. Although I will return to a more normal diet, I plan on keeping several of the elements in the Daniel Fast in my everyday meal plan. Here are a few things I’ll be continuing. Feel free to share your list as well. 

Coconut Water

This is a tricky one. You may have to experiment to find a brand that tastes good to you. Vita Coco is one of my favorites. I usually drink it first thing in the morning, before my workout. Coconut water has natural electrolytes, so it gives you a boost of energy too. Part of the struggle for me with the Daniel Fast is not being able to have my pre-workout drinks. However, coconut water is a great substitute. Also, an apple with peanut butter (organic if you’re on the fast) works wonders for energy too. 

Sweet Potatoes 

Ok, so you may be thinking you can eat sweet potatoes any time. Yes, that is correct. However, you have to find a way to make food taste good when you’re unable to use sugar and butter. I can’t take too much credit for this one. I found a simple recipe online that gives an extra kick to natural sweet potatoes. First, skin them and cover them with nutmeg and cinnamon. No guilty feelings here. You can use as much as you want. Then bake the sweet potatoes for about an hour and a half on 350 degrees. This is lower than the normal temperature for baked sweet potatoes. The longer you bake them though (on a lower temperature), the sweeter they taste. The nutmeg and cinnamon acts almost as a second skin on the potatoes when it’s done. Sprinkle some lime juice on it and eat! It’s amazing. 

Vegetable Spirals 

Alright, these can be a little pricey. For the convenience and health benefits, they are worth it though. You can find zucchini and butternut squash spirals at any organic health food store. 1 box equals about 2 servings, but it’s a great way to feel like you’re eating noodles. You get none of the pasta carbs and all of the health benefits from the vegetables! I have already started thinking of how I can cook these with shrimp and chicken for a guilt free meal. 




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