Month: August 2016

The Worst That Never Was

I consider myself to be a pessimistic optimist. Sounds kinda crazy right? Basically, I like to hope for the best, while preparing for the worst. This thought process has helped me deal with difficult situations in the past. However, it does work against me at times. I was having one of those weeks recently where […]

De La Soul: Anonymously Legendary

And the Anonymous Nobody by De La Soul finally arrived in my inbox to download last week. The legendary Hip Hop group originally promised the album would be released in 2015. Things happen, but as the old saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait”. De La Soul is at a point in their […]

Leon Timbo Talks Love (Interview Part 1)

Leon Timbo has a voice that is unforgettable. More importantly, he has an authentic soul that permeates through the music. His lyrics are deliberate. His style is definitely appreciated in a time where R&B music has become watered down. Leon Timbo’s latest album, What Love’s All About, is a collection of funky dance grooves, a […]

T.I.’s New Album Gets Pushed Back

T.I. has released several batches of new music over the last year. His EP Da Nic was dubbed to be the precursor for his upcoming album, The Dime Trap. Also, he released a new single “Dope”, with Marsha Ambrosius. That song sampled Aaliyah’s last major hit, “Rock the Boat”. He chose to go by the […]

Jay Jai Charges The Community

I got a chance to check out some of Jay Jai’s work a few months ago. His unique style of music definitely caught my attention. He has a rap-sing style with hints of auto-tune mixed in.  Now, he’s back with a few new tracks. Jay Jai is definitely more socially and politically charged, compared to […]

I’m Not Ready To Forgive You

Forgiveness  can be one of the hardest things to do. Many people say they have forgiven others, but still harbor ill feelings. I have learned over the years that forgiveness is more so for ourselves than it is the other person. We shouldn’t hold on to negative feelings, but forgiveness takes time. Some people just […]

Candy West: ‘Live’ Like Never Before

The last time I talked to Candy West she was preparing for the release of her new album, Candy West Live. “Turnaround”, the album’s first single, had just been released. Candy chose a great song to kick off her project. “Turnaround” is a high energy, mid-tempo track that speaks about reinforcing your faith in dark […]

Wild Beasts Reveal The Boy King

I stumbled upon Wild Beasts’s latest album last week on Tidal. However, the group has been making music for the past 10 years. Boy King, their fifth studio LP, detours from their indie rock roots. The group’s new album focuses on defying conventional notions of male stereotypes. “Big Cat”, for instance, has a quirky music video and lyrics […]

Ginger’s Taste Of Sweet Passion

My wife and I went to Genghis Grill a couple of weeks ago. I have always enjoyed their food. However, that day everything really tasted good to me. I may have just been more hungry than usual too. Who knows? I tried their Passion Ginger Limeade, instead of ordering water as I usually do. I […]

Miguel And His Funky ‘Cadillac’

Miguel burst onto the music scene six years ago, with the cool and confidently collected single, “Sure Thing”.  All I Want Is You (his debut album) also featured the hits “Quickie” and “All I Want Is You”. 2012 was the real turning point of his career though. Kaleidoscope Dream was released that year. That album […]